Help a Guy Out, Would’ja?

There’s a post I once wrote in response to another post I once wrote that generates quite a few interesting comments.

The post is about a search term that I often get, which goes along the lines of “suicide, no girlfriend.” The comments are from Young Men of a Certain Age, and they always leave me with this urge to travel to wherever the commenter lives to bring them cookies and a hug.

It hurts me when people are hurting, but the comments on that post are especially haunting. Maybe it’s because my own father committed suicide, or possibly because I’ve known several people who were in situations where it seemed that the only thing missing in their lives was the love of a Significant Other. Maybe it’s because at various times in my life, I too have suffered depression so great that it seemed that no words of advice could snap me out of it.

For whatever reason, I feel that the answers that I give to people who comment on “Suicide, No Girlfriend” have become repetitive, redundant and repetitive. How many times or ways can you say “don’t DO it!”?

So, I’m asking for some help. Because I happen to have the most brilliant readers on the planet, I’m wondering if some of you might visit the “Suicide, No Girlfriend” post and leave some thoughts of your own for these guys. I can’t figure out another way to do it, besides for you to leave your advice in the comments section. Then, when people write, I can just say, “read above.”

Maybe we can work a little blog magic here. I thank you in advance for your help, you wonderful people you.

Slow brain update: I just thought of another way to do this. If you want to just write something about the subject on your blog, put the link in the comments section of that earlier post. That way, people can find their way to your wonderful sites. Who knows? Reading through some of your other posts may cheer some people up. I know it does me!

Suicide, No Girlfriend

Like you, I get interesting items in my search engine terms. You know, the little phrases that people type into Google, Yahoo, or who-knows-where that bring them to your blog. Some of these are intriguing– “cleaning house wearing only black stockings,” “long toenails school,” “my neighbor is hypnotizing me.” Many of these leave me scratching my head, wondering, “How did typing THAT get them HERE?” But one search term keeps coming up over and over, several times a week, and it’s really making me sad.

“suicide no girlfriend”

I’m trying to imagine the person typing this. Are they young or old? Male or female? Are they writing it about themselves, or a recently departed friend? Maybe it’s someone who’s trying to prevent his girlfriend’s death. In my mind, it’s a young guy, maybe late teens, early twenties. He’s dejected, discouraged and depressed because of a lack of female companionship, save for his mother. If what I’m surmising is true (and even if its not), I want to send a message to him. That message is: DON’T DO IT!

You can’t take it back, you’ll miss a lot of wonderful stuff, life is good, get some hobbies, call a friend, there are people who care about you, life has its peaks and valleys, there’s a great big beautiful world out there, find your happiness within, time heals all wounds.

My father committed suicide many years ago. I miss him every day– it’s left a gaping hole in my heart, and the hearts of many others. But what I wish I could have convinced him of is that things change. If he’d hung around, his existence today would be far different than it was back then. I’m sure of it. Our lives are ever-moving and ever-evolving. New people come and go, new experiences shape us, new ideas present themselves. It can be very tragic. It can also be very beautiful. Stick around and see how the movie ends.